Calf and Youngstock Services

Rearing healthy calves and youngstock is a challenging job and can be approached in many different ways. Growing a good dairy heifer or a good beef animal depends on the feeding, management and environment during the first few weeks of life.

Our dedicated Calf and Youngstock Specialists can offer expert advice on any aspect of calf and youngstock management; from nutrition and colostrum management, selecting the best milk powder, starter feeds, to housing and equipment.

Our Calf and Youngstock Specialists can offer:


  • Bespoke feeding protocols tailored to your requirements
  • Superior nutrition
  • Wynngold Calf Metrics (weighing and measuring service)
  • Calf Signals Workshops
  • Advice on nutrition from birth to bulling

If you would like any help on weaning and youngstock growth and development, please fill in the form to speak to one of our specialists.

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