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Ewemaster Nuts 500kg

In stock
  • High levels of quality protein.
  • Optimum levels of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.
  • A unique vitamin and trace element supplement.
  • Maximises milk production
  • Enables healthy rumen function

Smaller quantities available.

Wynnstay EWEMASTER nuts are a 19% ewe nut for feeding pre and post lambing. Highly concentrated, with a spread of raw materials including a balance of starch and sugars that enables healthy rumen function. The EWEMASTER nuts contain high levels of quality protein, encouraging the ewe to milk off her own back, maximising milk production and improving lamb growth. They feature optimum levels of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium to avoid hypocalcaemia.

The EWEMASTER nuts are a unique vitamin and trace element supplement that include generous levels of:

Cobalt - associated with lambs standing and suckling earlier.

Iodine - required for the production of active brown adipose tissue which provides energy for shivering (in newborn lambs, 30% of heat generation comes from brown fat).

Zinc - active in immunity against disease and essential in the production of keratin, affecting both udder and foot health.

Zinpro Availa Zinc- well proven to be more effective than all other sources of zinc.

Vitamin E (110mg/kg) Sel-Plex Selenium - essential for lamb vigour, survivability and immunity to disease

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