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Majestic - Long Term Dairy Grass Seed Mix

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17.00KG / 1 ACRE PACK Majestic is a long term dairy pasture suitable for rotational grazing.

Majestic is designed for rotational dairy grazing, rather than set stocking, for maximum performance. The tetraploid content increases cattle grazing potential due to its upright growth habit. The mix provides quality feed, with high sugar content – helping to increase milk production. Majestic’s seed rate is higher to allow for the larger size of tetraploid seed.

Also available with No Clover or Chicory.

General Specifications:

Kg  Species & varieties
3.00  Fintona Int Tetraploid PRG
3.00  AberChoice Late Diploid PRG
5.00  AberGain Late Tetraploid PRG
5.00  Bijou Late Tetraploid PRG
1.00  Aran White Clover (Large Leaf)

Why buy this mixture?

  • Second highest grazing yield
  • Joint highest total mean cutting yield
  • Second highest ME yield
  • Joint highest winter hardiness score
  • Joint second highest grazing yield 
  • Second highest ME yield 
  • Highest mildew score 
  • High Sugar Grass- more efficient meat and milk production 
  • Highest grazing yield 
  • Highest grazing D value 
  • Highest ME yield 
  • Highest early grazing, spring & autumn grazing yields 
  • High Sugar Grass- more efficient meat and milk production 
  • Second highest crown rust score 
  • Solid disease resistance 
  • Good all-round variety 

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Images are for reference only and not a true representation of the product once grown.

Majestic - Testimonials

We have a dairy enterprise and like using the Wynnstay Majestic mix as it offers a quick growing grass for our 18 -20 day rotational grazing system. As the mix is mainly made up of Tetraploid Ryegrasses, we find that they present themselves better to the cow which helps to increase the forage intake. The cows always milk well after grazing the Majestic ley.

D. W Eardley, Shropshire, 2014

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