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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Wynnstay Lamb Bolus

Reasons why you should consider blousing lambs with Wynnstay Lamb Bolus

Whether lambs will be retained for breeding or finishing, it is imperative that they have the correct balance of trace elements in order to thrive. The 4 key trace elements needed for optimal performance are Selenium, Cobalt, Iodine and Zinc. All these trace elements are contained within the ‘Wynnstay Lamb Bolus’, or alternatively if lambs only require Cobalt, then the ‘Wynnstay Cobalt B12’ bolus is a suitable alternative.

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The Red Tractor’s Role in the GB Calf Strategy

The GB Calf Strategy – Red Tractor’s Role

The British dairy industry prides itself on being a pioneer in dairy cattle welfare; it is a top priority for the sector.

However, the fate of dairy bull calves is not a secret; it is a key focus area for the industry. While the rearing of bull calves for the beef market is high, and several industry initiatives continue to champion improvements in calf health, welfare and survival, there is still room for improvement. The industry has committed to making further progress in this area with the development of the GB Calf Strategy. The core objective of the strategy is to find practical solutions to reduce the number of calves that are routinely euthanised on farms. You can read more about the GB Calf Strategy on the AHDB website.

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Reasons why Reducing Sheep Lameness Needs a Sustained Approach

Reasons Why Reducing Sheep Lameness Needs A Sustained Approach

Rigorous and sustained adoption by farmers of an established disease management protocol is what’s needed to reduce the incidence of sheep lameness on many UK farms.

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The Benefits of a Pecking Block During a Poultry Housing Order

The Benefits of a Pecking Block During a Poultry Housing Order

In our previous blog 'How to Keep Your Birds Healthy through a Bird Flu Outbreak', we listed a number of ways in which you can keep your birds healthy during the Avian Influenza housing order. One area we recommended focusing on was flock enrichment, hens must be kept active in order to help reduce stress levels and avoid destructive and aggressive behaviour. 

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The Use of Sustainable Soya

The Use of Sustainable Soya in All Wynnstay Feed

With recent media and government focus on global issues such as climate change, deforestation, and sustainability, and in particular how the agricultural sector is contributing to these, we are continually reviewing how we can reduce our environmental impact through more sustainable practices.

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