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A photo of Jim Turner

Jim Turner

Poultry Product Manager

Aberystwyth University agriculture graduate, joined Wynnstay as a Poultry Specialist in 2015.

Previous to joining the team Jim was involved in farm management. He is experienced in the management of multi breed and multi age free range systems, both flat deck and multi-tier.

A firm believer in improving flock health, production and efficiency through performance recording, attention to detail in management and quality nutrition.

Jim is responsible for all poultry feeds in the Wynnstay trading area.

Gut Health Is the Key for Animal Health and Production

The general concern about animal welfare, especially for laying hens, is continuously increasing in consumers and farmers. This attention leads to spending time and efforts to understand if our birds are stressed or not, through many different indicators both deriving from animal observation (behavior, performance, fearfulness) and laboratory analysis (Alm et al., 2016; Rodenburg et al., 2008).

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