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Do joint supplements really work for horses?

Do joint supplements really work for horses?

Concussive pressures are amplified in the lower legs in especially on harder terrain. Hard ground poses a greater risk to older horses and animals who already have joint health problems.

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What affect does hard ground have on your horse?

The digital cushion, which is found in the hoof capsule, is the horse's shock-absorbing system. It has the power to lessen mechanical load and aid in energy distribution.

The performance of the ligaments, tendons, soft tissue, muscle system, and of course the joint capsules themselves are compromised when this energy moves up the lower leg. While the majority of soft tissues may regenerate, we must focus our attention on the joint capsule because this is where irreparable damage can happen.

What is the most effective joint supplement for horses?

Ideally a blend of joint supplements to address wear and tear, assist in addressing toxin activity, seek synovial strength, and offer sustenance for the soft tissue to support their regenerative process rather than feeding only one or two substances.

The benefits of the Five Star Superflex range

We recommend the NAF's Five Star Superflex line for maintaining healthy joints. This high quality range can help deliver the following:

  • Flush out the free radicals - Feed antioxidants to help to disperse free radicals and harmlessly flush them from your horse’s system, helping to prevent them from causing further damage and making way for the joint nutrients to get to work.
  • Don’t forget to connect - The connective tissues require and consist of Glucosamine.  Support the regeneration of connective tissue and keep the horse moving with ease, with increased levels for the older horse or those with predisposing conditions. 
  • Care and Repair - MSM supports circulation and the anti-inflammatory effects, with further benefits provided to the immune system. For joints, MSM helps to sustain the health of both cartilage and collagen which has been widely trialled and reported on. 
  • Stimulate the production - Chondroitin is naturally present in healthy cartilage as it helps to stimulate the production of cartilage or joint surfaces.
  • Additional care for the ageing joint - Omega-3 fatty acids have proven to be effective in supporting the recognised joint nutrient capabilities and have positive effects on joint cartilage, one trial supported a more productive trot stride.
  • Synovial fluid support - HA helps to keep synovial fluid healthy and provides protection from the invasion of unwanted molecules. All joints undergo the natural wear and tear process daily, it is wise to support all individuals to help them enjoy their performance for longer and supply them with flexibility for life.


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