Wynnguard - A Bespoke Health Package Exclusively Available From Wynnstay

Wynnguard - A Bespoke Health Package Exclusively Available From Wynnstay

WYNNGUARD is a bespoke health package concept – unique to Wynnstay. It is the ultimate additive for calf health and performance, now available in our range of milks and Start ‘n’ Wean feed, offering your calves total digestive tract protection.

What is it?

WYNNGUARD is an additive package, designed to promote calf health and growth while ensuring performance targets are met. WYNNGUARD does this in two distinct ways by:

  1. Supporting the calf immune system as it transitions from passive immunity, provided by maternal antibodies (colostrum) to its own achieved immunity
  2. Protecting the digestive tract from pathogens and promoting rumen development during the transition from milk replacer to solid feed

WYNNGUARD in Calf Milk ReplacerTwo components: Fibosel and Agrimos

Fibosel:Yeast cell wall derived B-glucans

Macrophages (white blood cells) have receptors which recognise these B-glucans in the digestive system of the calf causing them to increase their activity. Macrophages are involved in a number of reaction chains in an immune

  • Directly killing bacteria and viruses which infect gut/lung tissue
  • B & T cell secretion of non-specific immunoglobulins to bind and kill bacteria
  • B & T cell-specific antibody production in response to infection or vaccination

The inclusion of a premium source of exposed B-glucans supports the calf as it develops its own immune system without its mother, making it better equipped to deal with an immune challenge.

Agrimos:Yeast cell wall derived mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS)

Colostrum and, to a lesser extent, transition milk contains
higher amounts of simple sugars, known as bovineoligosaccharides (BOS). Although the presence of these oligosaccharides has been known for some time; the potential benefits for the calf are only now becoming understood.

WYNNGUARD in Start’n’Wean calf starterThree components: Agrimos, Levucell SC & Butyrate

Agrimos:Yeast cell wall-derived mannan-oligosaccharides(MOS)

A high inclusion of these prebiotic sticky sugars helps protect the gastrointestinal tract from pathogens during the transition to solid feed. As discussed above, the MOS will act as a prebiotic, favouring beneficial intestinal flora without being used as a substrate for pathogens. It will also bind and block pathogens, limiting pathogenic bacterial (E. coli,  salmonella) development within the gastrointestinal tract.

Levucell SC:Rumen specific live yeast

LEVUCELL SC (Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077) was selected from over 1,000 yeast strains for its beneficial activity in the rumen. With over 100 scientific communications regarding its modes of action and effects, it’s one of the most documented ruminant probiotics on the market.
These benefits can include, but are not limited to:

  • Wide variety of modes of action
  • Reduction in harmful pathogenic bacteria
  • Development of healthier gut tissue and enhanced
    immune responsiveness
  • Improved feed utilisation

By consuming oxygen in the rumen, it favours faster colonisation of the microflora needed for feed digestion, resulting in increased starter intake and higher average daily gain.


Butyrate is present in our WYNNGUARD starter package. It is shown to have widespread effects on:

  • Growth
  • Digestibility
  • Feed efficiency - function in digestive systems - especially mucosal epithelial cells

Butyrate can enhance rumen development - stimulating rumen papillae development. Butyrate can also accelerate small intestinal development, which is critical for nutrient absorption and overall development of calves. It improves feed efficiency and protects calves against stresses from weaning and diarrhoea.

WYNNGUARD is only available in Wynnstay’s WYNNGOLD Milk Replacers and Start‘n’Wean. If you have any questions about the WYNNGUARD health package please contact a member of our Calf & Youngstock Team.

Writen by Mark McFarland
Feed Ingredient Product Manager
Lallemand Animal Nutrition UK Ltd
m: 07827 228161
e: mmcfarland@lallemand.com


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