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Our dairy specialists offer independent advice on how to improve the efficiency of your dairy enterprise and health of your herd.

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We believe there is more to doing business with our customers than simply selling products. Selling the product is only the beginning for us; we offer a comprehensive range of technical services, at no additional cost to enable our customers to grow and develop their enterprise.

Nutrition Management Services (NMS)

Our Livestock Water Mineral Analysis covers the 16 elements listed above, but also gives you important information on the water pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, alkalinity, acidity, general hardness and carbonate hardness. Comments are provided to aid interpretation.

With increasing herd size formulating a balanced, healthy, efficient and profitable diet is only the beginning. Analysing the diet, monitoring performance and making those all important changes is the key to success. On every farm there are a plethora of factors that affect feed conversion efficiency. These include calving interval, feeding space, diet presentation, cow comfort, herd health, time budgets, light, water, and most importantly transition cow management. Wynnstay's Nutritional Management Service provides a comprehensive assessment of all these aspects on farm. Our aim is to boost output from all your inputs, whilst closing and exceeding the gap between actual and planned performance.

Diet Check & Mineral Feed Programmes

Allows our specialists to create as many rations as needed by defining the performance of all animals (breed, stage of lactation, milk yield, milk composition, fat mobilisation change, condition score, growth rate, grazing or indoor feeding). They can select from an extensive library of feeds as well as your own analysed feeds. Rations are then formulated and nutrient supply and animal requirements can be viewed instantly. The most appropriate compound and/or blended feeds are then recommended. Bespoke mixes, blends, minerals and supplements can also be formulated. The program also compares diets with the powerful 'what-if' function and an Optimise (least cost) function for farm or supplement/mix formulations. Simple, practical ration reports, farm premix and TMR mixing sheets can be e-mailed directly to you.

Forage Analysis

Contracted out by Trouw Nutrition (GB), grass silage, maize silage, wholecrops and fresh grass are analysed using the latest scanning Near Infra-Red (NIR) technology. The calibrations are routinely monitored against inhouse 'wet' chemistry techniques and they participate in the ring tests and quality assurance systems as members of the F.A.A (Forage Analysis Assurance Group).

Forage Mineral Analysis

Our Forage Mineral Analysis measures 16. Macro-Elements - Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K), Sodium (Na), Chloride (Cl), Sulphur (S). Micro-Elements - Iron (Fe), Aluminium (Al), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Cobalt (Co), Selenium (Se), Iodine (I), Copper (Cu), Molybdenum (Mo) and Related Mineral Parameters - Cation-Anion Balance, Relative Copper Antagonism, Soil Contamination Index.


We work with benchmarking and business consultants along with banks and accountants to establish benchmarking groups for our customers. The objective is for like-minded farmers to learn from each other by sharing information on performance to drive their businesses forward and improve profitability. Wynnstay's role in establishing benchmarking groups is purely as facilitators with no obligation to do business with us.

Milk Mineral Analysis

The mineral analysis of milk samples from dairy herds is now widely recognised to be a useful indicator of the status of trace elements, particularly Selenium, Iodine and Molybdenum. Our Milk Mineral Analysis report is designed to help monitor herd trace element status. Monthly bulk tank samples allow herd health to be monitored over a period of time. Up to seven samples can be reported on one sheet, allowing easy comparison with previous samples. We analyse 6 mineral microelements in milk: Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Molybdenum (Mo), Iodine (I), Selenium (Se).

Locomotion Scoring, Hoofcare Management & Advice

Locomotion scoring is based on the observation of cows standing and walking (gait), with special emphasis on their back posture. Use of locomotion scoring is effective for early detection of hoof disorders, monitoring prevalence of lameness, comparing the incidence and severity of lameness between herds and identifying individual cows for functional hoof trimming.

Having identified hoof disorders we can advise on the best hoof care products for your herd to reduce the incidence of lameness and digital dermatitis, this will help improve milk production and fertility.

Animal Health

Our team can offer a range of services to ensure an effective animal health plan is in place to maximise the performance of the herd. Animal Health Representatives can offer specific herd plans through Livestock Pro along with bulk milk antibodies test for GI worms and lungworm. These services are supported by the expert advice our representatives can offer to ensure a healthy herd.

Youngstock Management & Nutrition Advice

Our dedicated Calf Specialists can offer expert advice on youngstock management from best practice colostrum management and selecting the best milk powder to housing and equipment for youngstock.

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