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Act Now to Control Flies With the Herd Pack

Act Now to Control Flies With the Herd Pack

Wet and mild conditions over the winter can lead to higher fly populations in the spring, which is why it is important for dairy farmers to act early to control the pest while the majority of the population are yet to hatch.

MSD Animal Health has exclusively created the BUTOX® SWISH Herd Pack for Wynnstay customers.  This long-acting, ready to use pour-on suspension effectively controls biting and nuisance flies and biting and sucking lice in cattle.

One Herd Pack treats up to 332 cows. A single application of BUTOX® SWISH has quick initial knockdown, spreads well over the body. It offers 8 to 10 weeks of fly control, meaning fewer applications through the season and less handling of cows, along with being more cost-effective per day of treatment per animal.

BUTOX® SWISH has no milk withdrawal period meaning no break in production is needed. For the best result, it’s important to start treating the herd as soon as the risk period occurs. Continue with treatment throughout the season to ensure flies don’t become a problem later down the line. Remember, two flies can become one million in four months if left untreated.

As temperatures rise over 10 degrees, fly eggs will start hatching. Flies cause distress, known as fly ‘worry’, severely reducing milk yield because it causes restlessness and reduces the time cows are eating. It’s estimated this reduction can be as much as 14,700 of milk per 140 cow herd over 10 weeks1,2, which is significant.

These pests transmit dangerous diseases, such as summer mastitis later in the year, so control is vital. Act now to prevent adults from laying further generations of eggs which could contribute to population explosions. If you wait to see flies, it is already too late.

By acting now with BUTOX® SWISH Herd Pack, you’ll be more likely to successfully reduce fly populations and the negative effect this can have on productivity and milk yield.

Butox® Swish 10L (4 x 2.5L) 74074Butox® Swish 10L (4 x 2.5L) 74074
Butox® Swish 10L (4 x 2.5L)


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