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Dairy Hygiene

Moo-ving Forward: Navigating the Path into the Milking Herd

Rearing heifers are a sizeable investment to a dairy enterprise, with rearing costs not being recouped until the cow reaches their second lactation. Studies carried out by AHDB show that on average 17% of milking heifers exit the herd before their second lactation (AHDB, 2023).


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From feed costs to global demand: decoding dairy's shifting landscape

The past eighteen months in the dairy sector have been a rollercoaster, featuring unprecedented volatility in milk prices and significant fluctuations in the costs of feed, fuel, and fertiliser. 

In an ever-evolving dairy sector, understanding the latest market trends and strategies is paramount. 

In season three, episode eight of the Wynnstay Agri-Hub podcast, agricultural journalist, market analyst and business advisor Chris Walkland, gives insight into the issues and opportunities shaping the dairy industry today.

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How to dry off a dairy cow for a successful transition

Three main check-points for drying off

80% of disease and animal losses in the dairy herd occur from 21 days pre-calving to 60 days post-calving. Here are 3 main check-points for drying off, to ensure a more successful transition:

  • Body condition score 3.0
  • Healthy claws
  • Milk yield at dry off less than 10 litres

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5 tips for underperforming dairy cows this winter

5 Tips for underperforming dairy cows this winter

Each winter presents a different set of challenges for our dairy herd, particularly during the months after housing.  Consider some of this season's challenges below and some suggested solutions by some of our specialist dairy team.

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Start Planning Your Parasite Control for Housing Dairy Animals Now

Start Planning Your Parasite Control For Housing Dairy Animals Now

Now is the time to consider parasite control for animals that will be housed over the winter period. In conjunction with your RAMA or vet, you need to work out what parasites you need to treat, which products to use, and when to administer them.

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The 4 Key Areas of Dry Cow Management

The four ‘F’s’ of dry cow management

The transition period impacts cow health, fertility and production, therefore, effective and efficient management during this time is key. To do so, Wynnstay dairy specialist David Jones, recommends focussing on four F’s: feet, forage, feed and facilities.

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